Sell Adsense Account

Can adsense account be sold?

This question has been flying out here and there across Internet and forums,can we Sell Adsense Account. In this post, I am gonna explain the if you can make business out of your approved adsense account.
The answer would be YES!

But until it comes to Google’s notice and until you are careful with your dealers.

The accounts are specially being created all across the globe for a business purpose itself. People create an account and get it approved and sell it to other for 30-100$ per account.

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There are classifications in the adsense account itself.

1. Verified Adsense Account
2. Non -Verified Adsense Account


Verified Adsense Account

When adsense earnings crosses 10$, a PIN will be generated and the account needs to be verified for the account to be activated.

So these verified accounts are sold from 70-100$

Non -Verified Adsense Account

If the account is yet to cross 10$ and if they are selling the account, it goes for 30-50$.

Check out this video for more Info

NOTE: Adsense Policy

According to policy for adsense, the account must not be transferred or sold to anyone.

If you are still unclear of the difference, check out my youtube video.



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