Page Level ads

What is Page Level Ads?

Page level ads are very popular way to make more money in adsense. These ads come with 2 ad units which can be used in the mobile version of wordpress or blogger site. These ad units gives grate opportunity to make more money in adsense.

Lets check out how to place page level ads in WordPress and Blogger.


How to Add Page Level ads?

Go to adsense account and select the Page level ads. One can notice 2 type of ad units called Anchor/overlay and Vignette ads. These option will not be enabled by default. Enable those ads to be effective.

Lets proceed with the steps. Scrolling down further, there is an option to get the code. Select and get the code.

How to use Page Level ads in WordPress?

Next steps is to use them in your wordpress website. Go to your wordpress dashboard and choose, appearance and choose Editor.

Then You will find header file in all the theme. Open the theme and paste the ad code copied below the <head> tag. And save the file.

How to use Page Level ads in Blogger?

Same steps, in Blogger go to templates and Edit HTML. And check for <head> tag and paste the code below the tag and save it.

The below steps is same for both Blogger and WordPress.


  1. In your mobile browser open your website
  2. eg: or
  3. At the end type /#googleads and enter
  4. This will open both ad unit.
  5. Select the ad unit that you want and close.

Thats it. Its as simple as that. This trick will really increase your adsense revenue.

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