Hosted account to Non-Hosted Adsense account Conversion steps 2017

Non-hosted adsense account

Adsense Account

We all must have come across 2 types of adsense account that are available. There is a huge difference between those two accounts. One is the Hosted Adsense account and other is Non-Hosted adsense account. These account work on different basis. We shall have a quick glance at the difference and then we will head toward the conversion.

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Hosted Adsense account

The hosted adsense account is the default account that comes with Blogger and Youtube, when adsense is approved. The ad unit of this account can only be used for blog and youtube videos. It will not work on any other hosting websites.

Non-Hosted Adsense Account

This account is approved for hosting websites. It can be a .com, .in or even .org. When you apply a separate website with adsense account, it becomes non-hosted adsense account.

Now comes an idea? What if  the hosted can be converted into non-hosted account? Is it even possible? Here comes the solution for your question.

How to convert Hosted Account to Non-Hosted Account?

  • Login to Adsense Account
  • Click on My Ads–>Content–>Other Products
  • This page will let you convert the accounts
  • Enter the website you want show ads on and convert this account
  • Now create a new ad unit and place it in the website.


Initially the ad will look blank, because the adsense team will verify your website. Once the application is verified, the ads will start running in the website, therefore changing to non-hosted adsense account.

That is it! Now its very simple to convert the account. Only thing is you need to wait for a while for approval. Even the application is disapproved, you can re-apply once again.

Sir, I applied for Adsense and it is keep on saying we are working on setting you up whenever iam trying login to my Adsense sir can you please tell how can I solve this issue


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