HilltopAds Complete Review

HilltopAds Complete Review

You searched this topic because you must have got tired of trying adsense approval or did not have good earnings in it! Am I right? No problem, you have reached to the correct place.

There are always alternatives for everything in this world, so do for adsense. One of the best adsense alternative is the HilltopAds.

If you still do wish to try one last time in adsense, do read the below topics for more detailed view on Adsense approval

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We all love link ads and pop-up ads,because it bring more revenue. In that aspect HilltopAds is a Picasso. One of the best ad network in terms of CPC and CPM. They are specialized for both mobile and desktop sites. Banner ads marks a good standard in HilltopAds.

This is a UK advertising firm, which is great platform for beginners to earn more. This gives more confidence to a new blogger in reaching next steps in business perspective.

Can I be Advertiser or Publisher?

The scope for both is a step ahead compared to adsense. As this is a new growing platform, there is so much to explore in it. One can choose your favourite modes.

As a publishers, you can create content as blog or website and apply for HilltopAds. If you wanted to promote any of your business, this is a great place too.

Ad Formats Available?

Ad units are the main course in this meal. So we need to check out if best ad units are available. And the answer is YES, you have top performing ad units, which will make you earn the minimum threshold of 50$ to get your payments. Some highlighting ad units are Popunders, Mobile Banners, Display Banners and much more to explore. Check out the below available ad-units in them.

Minimum Threshold

This is what we were waiting for. HilltopAds lets us encash once you have hit 50$. Yes and its very easy to reach them with the powerful ad units. This threshold is very comfortable zone for starters and mid range bloggers who have medium traffic to your blog or website.


How I get Paid?

Yup that’s what your next question would be. There are plenty of options to get your cash on hand. Few ways are Wire Transfer, Using Bitcoins, Payoneer and much more options as well. Check out the other payment options below.

How Do I get started?

  1. Click here to create your account
  2. Sign Up your self
  3. Verify your account

That’s it. You are almost done. Now choose Manage Sites and Zones, where you will need to enter your website details,Targeted countries and few more and Submit it.

The verification may take upto 5 days to get approved. Once its approved. You are set to go now.

Highlighting Features

  • Easy Approval
  • Easy and Achievable Threshold of 50$
  • Good payment option modes
  • Can add upto 5 websites
  • Available for Publisher and Advertisers

That concludes HilltopAds Complete Review, its always best to choose the smartest way to make money. This ad network is one such kind and fast growing too. So start making your money.

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