Contact Adsense Support Team in 2017

Adsense Support Team

Adsense Support Team

Many of us might have question on adsense and we would have raised query in the adsense forum and keep waiting for the answers.Now its very easy to contact the adsense support team directly. This post will let you know how to contact the adsense support team directly for assistance.

There are 2 ways to contact.

Adsense Support Team

1. Adsense Account Page

Once you open the adsense account page at your left hand side you will find an option called “Feedback”

Click on it and it will ask your feedback, you can type in your issues there and you also have the option to take a screen shot of the issue and attach it there.

Once you have typed your issue you can submit it. You can expect reply from adsense team may in few hours or so.

2. Email from Youtube

For this way, you will need to login to your Youtube channel. At the bottom of the page you will find an option called as “Help”

Click on the help button.This will open a pop up box. You will find an option called as email.Here you will have options for different categories, select Monetization and Adsense from in there.


This will ask few questions like your Name,E-mail id, Channel Name and your problem.So type in the issue you are facing and send to them.

This will take your mail directly to the adsense support team and you will get reply in few hours.

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