Native Infeed Ads

What is a Native Infeed Ads?

This is the latest ad unit published by adsense in 2017. The native infeed ads units lies in-between posts.This changes was made in recent adsense policy change as well.

Google is also resurrecting Feed ads, with an added native twist this time around. InFeed Ads are similar to InArticle ads (responsive units of min. 250px width, configurable assets), with one key difference: The InFeed units cannot be optimized by Google. InFeed lets publishers monetize their feeds without disrupting visual flow of the listings.

In order to give publishers and advertisers equal importance, this was taken into consideration.This ad unit has most expectation to be used in blog and website.This post will deal with showing the steps involved in “how to add infeed ads to the blog”.

How to add Infeed Ads to a Blog

Step 1:

Go to Template in Blog and take a backup of the current template

Step 2:
Press ctrl+F

Step 3:
Search of the keyword <b:if cond=’data:post.includeAd’>

Step 4:
Paste the adsense code below it and press on save

Step 5:

Refresh and check the blog now, you will have the Ads below every post.

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