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adsense wordpress plugins

Best Free Adsense WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the best part of WordPress. This really makes our task very simple. The main reason for holding a wordpress site is to make good money. So we need some good free adsense wordpress plugins which is user-friendly and helps to make more money too.

Let us focus of best 4 Adsense wordpress plugins, which will really help in customizing ad units for website.

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WP Simple AdSense Insertion

It is one of the very useful AdSense WordPress plugins. WP simple insertion helps you to insert Google AdSense code easily to your posts, pages and sidebar by using a shortcode.

It is a very simple and easy to use plugin. Once the plugin is installed and activated you can go to the settings page and insert your ad code. After your settings are done you can insert the plugin shortcode anywhere you want the ads to show in post or pages.

Download : Click Here

Advanced Ads

It is one of the best advertising management plugins which will help you to inject advertising code into your existing content and provide you full control over the ads.

One can adjust the number of ads depending on the length of the content. You can configure ads as per your requirement and place it at the top, bottom or randomly in the content as well.

Download : Click Here


AdRotate is one of the prominent and widely used advertising management plugins for WordPress.It helps you to place advertising banners anywhere on the site.

You can use this plugin to place ads from some other advertising platforms like amazon,infolink,chitika along with Google AdSense which makes it a comprehensive solution as far as advertising is concerned.

Download: Click Here


Adsense WP QUADS

A very useful WordPress plugin. To keep complete track of your Google AdSense account, right from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin offers your options to generate customized report for a selected time.

It will help you to place your ads within WordPress post or pages to improve the conversion rate.

Download : Click Here

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