adsense auto ads

Adsense Auto Ads

Google recently made a new announcement about  a new beta ad unit called “Auto Ads”. These adsense auto ads will be implemented to all adsense accounts in upcoming days. Recently there was a outage in Adsense on 15th of September.

Few of the accounts received this update and got the auto ads option.

What are these Adsense Auto ads?

Meet Google AdSense’s Auto Ads, powered by AI, Google will automatically choose the ad position, colour and everything! All you need to do is place the ad code once and Google will take care of everything.

This ad units completely works on Artificial Intelligence. This scans your website or blog and ,it automatically decides the best place to put in the ads.

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How does Auto Ads work?

This will put us into this question, so how is it possible. With the AI induced into the ads, it tracks the where people mostly use their cursor. To be simple, it takes a heat map of your website and places the ads at the right position.


How to activate Auto Ads?

Only few accounts has got this feature as of now. A small sneak peak to place these Beta Auto ads in adsense, is all that you will need to select ad unit size at the beginning alone. Rest all is taken care by the ad itself.

How cool is that!

We all wanted to get our hands on it right? Wait for few more days, this update will be rolled out to all accounts.For more information on Auto Ads,check out official help support document from Google.

Hello Bro. I am Your YouTube Subscriber Now I Am Tell me You Say Lab Unit is See On Your Google Adsense Account But Any Auto Update related Option Is Not Available On My Adsense Account.And Plz. I Suggest making Video On Topic SEO Or Yoast SEO Plugin How To Rank High On Google Page And Thx. For Best Information.

Hey Thanks Bro. Its not yet rolled out to all. It will come soon though.Sure Yoast SEO plugin video is down the lane. Stay tuned. 🙂


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