Search Description to Blogger

Search Description to Blogger

Adding Search description to blogger, is one of the key feature for the blogs to get ranked in search engine. But the fact is, the search description is not enabled by default. This is mainly used for entering focus keywords to rank your content in top pages of search engine like Google,Yahoo,Bing.

Default Blogger Post section

Blogger post creation is different from WordPress platform. WordPress has field to enter keywords default. But in blogger, only after enabling an option, one can use it. The blog post section usually looks like below.

Search Description to Blogger

One does not find the search description box at the right side column.

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How to add search description to Blogger?

So to enable this option, Go follow the below steps.


  • Login to Blogger
  • Go to Setting and select “Search Preferences”
  • You have Meta Tags disabled at default
  • Enable the option for the search description to appear in post layout
  • Type in few lines about the blog in the text field.

Now let us check the post layout of blogger. Go to create new post, you have the search description enabled for your blogger now.

It’s time to enter keywords now for your blog post to rank your blog in top pages in search engine.

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